About Me

Diós Gabi

Diós Gabi

I was born on 1974. March 7.

In 1992 I gratuated from Fine and Applied Arts School in ceramic art

In 1997 I graduated from the Hungarian University of Arts Faculty of silicate, as a ceramist.

In 1999, in the Hungarian University of Art and Visual Culture, Faculty of Arts got my diploma in teaching.

In 2007, I graduated from the University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts as an art therapist in art specialization



A műteremben

In the studio

Studio of Young Artists Association (FISE)
Hungarian Artists Association (MAOE)
Artisans Association



1992 Gyula Kaesz award
1998, 2000 Colony scholarship
1999, 2001 FISE scholarship
2000 NKA one month creative scholarship to Ceský Krumlov
2001 NKA creative scholarship to International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét
2003 NKA scholarship for separate catalogue
2012 Illustration to a book of poetry (Tóth Árpád Ferenc: BIM-BAM-BUSZ )


Group exhibitions

1997 Tölgyfa Gallery, Budapest
2000 National Ceramics Biennale, Pécs
1998, 2000 FISE Galery, FISE Fellows Exhibition
1999 Half a century Hungarian ceramic artists, Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
1999 Helsinki, Koupio, Milano
2000 National Ceramics Biennale, Kairo
2001 National Ceramics Biennale, Japan
2002 Hungarian crafts exhibition, Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
2002 Hungarian Institute, Berlin FISE exhibition
2002 FISE Jubilee Exhibition, Gallery Vígadó, Budapest
2003 Ceramic Day exhibition, FISE Gallery, Budapest
2003 Csömör, joint exhibition with Szilvia Konda
2004 Village House of Kerepes, Gallery (with Szilvia Konda)
2004 Szentendre (with Szilvia Konda)
2007 Kistarcsa
2009 Budapest
2011 Italy
2013 Budapest Women in Art
2013 Balatonszárszó studio exhibition


Individual exhibitions

1997 Budapest
1997 Tápiószecső
1999 Újszecesszió Gallery, Budapest
2000 FISE Gallery, Budapest
2001 Plein Art Festival of Contemporary Arts, Budapest
2001 Külvárosi Szalon, Budapest
2007 Budapest
2009 Budapest
2009 Szombathely
2010 Szentendre
2012 Szombathely